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The International Research Network on Social and Environmental Aspects in Business and Management (SEABUS) organised a Summer Academy on the topic “Creating a new future for business“.

The SEABUS summer academy was held on 19-22 June 2008 in Berlin, Germany.

Akademie Schmöckwitz

Research Focus

Companies are facing growing environmental and social challenges which increasingly affect corporate decision making, performance and prosperity. Therefore, business and management is confronted with the need to take into account environmental and social developments. Rapid and drastic changes both in the natural and social environment of corporate decision making require innovative approaches and solutions that go beyond conventional business practice. Research is needed to develop and discuss novel approaches that define the role and purpose of business and management in the light of challenges such as mitigating climate change, alleviating poverty, coping with migration, dealing with resource scarcities, securing social cohesion, etc. The SEABUS summer academy invited research papers on innovative responses and strategies for business and management that create new opportunities for future business by contributing to the sustainability of the life-supporting environmental and social systems.

Forum for Discussion

The summer academy provided a platform for in-depth discussion and intensive exchange of research and ideas in an inspiring environment. Discussions were enhanced and facilitated by a number of distinguished senior faculty who participated in the summer academy as key note speakers.

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